CBCS Financial & Credit Management
Many small businesses cannot afford to engage an accountant to look after their finances and often employ an external firm of accountants to process their records at the end of their financial year.This can be very expensive and in many cases, the managers of the business do not know how their business is really doing until they receive their accounts back from the accountant.

As Small and medium sized companies can file abbreviated accounts at Companies House, there is usually no need
for an audit. Your accounts can be prepared directly from your accounting records, saving a considerable number of accounting man hours and saving you a small fortune.

At CBCS, we recognise that many small businesses pay too much for their year end accounting. Frequently the process is unnecessarily complicated and drawn out over many weeks as your accountants carry out their checks and analysis of your accounts. Much of this is not needed.

Why spend a fortune using a  large high street accountant when we can help you prepare your accounts for much less?    

We offer a range of Financial Management, Accounting and Bookkeeping services designed to make life easier for you. We can deliver your accounts quickly and accurately to prescribed deadlines and for a fraction of the price:


Suitable for a small Ltd company or sole trader, with only a small number of receipts and payments, supported either by spreadsheet or basic financial packages (e.g. Sage Instant Accounts, Line 50, Quick Books). You require you accounts to be prepared for Companies House and HMRC submission only.

We can prepare your documents for you, either by visiting and collecting on-line. As only a relatively short amount of time will be required to prepare your documents, the charge per hour would be nominal and agreed in advance. Generally the maximum cost of this package will be less than £500. This basic package is designed to help you fulfil your legal obligations and provide you with headline figures for your years trading. There is  no need for a comprehensive all singing all dancing accounting service and you can therefore save hundreds of pounds by choosing us to carry out this service.


This package is suitable for small Ltd companies who do not have their own accounting staff, but record a larger number of financial transactions; who are seeking the year end accounting package and verification that their records are being administered correctly.  In addition this package offers the development of templates to assist the small business owner with their basic monthly management accounting requirements, together with assistance in preparing cash-flow forecasts, bank reconciliation, tax calculations for year end and PAYE and the generation of standard reports from your accounting software. We can also assist you with your payroll day to day and year end obligations.

This package provides a more complete service in addition to your year end requirements.  The total cost and hours to be billed are agreed in advance and are usually in the range £500 to £2,000 per year. Once again, the modest costs are designed to save you money. You do not need to spend thousand of pounds on your year end accounting.


This is our most comprehensive package and is designed as a year round service for smaller or medium size companies who do not want to invest vast sums of money on both employing a Finance Manager full time and using a firm of chartered accountants to generate their accounts at year end.

A schedule of visits will be agreed in advance for the year ahead (usually between 10 and 20 days), where we would address all financial matters; usually in conjunction with your own accounts staff. As well as year end for your accounts and your payroll; we would usually assist you with the generation of your budgets for the year ahead, company secretarial matters, cost control, working capital control, credit management, taxation, future funding requirements and monthly management reporting.

At an average cost of between £3,000 and £7,000 per annum. This represents a huge saving on the potential combined cost of recruiting a Finance Manager and deploying a firm of chartered accountants to audit your accounts. You can of course call on us at any time to assist you with the day to day financial management of your business.

These packages are designed to be flexible, with some overlap. It may be you require a mix of all three for your unique circumstances or that you have more specific requirements, for example a variance analysis of your costs for the last five years, a re-calculation of your fixed asset register, or a thorough scrutiny of your credit control policy. We are happy to discuss all your requirements and to design a financial management package just for you.

Our Principal Advisor, Chris Burton has over twenty- five year’s experience of generating accounts for submission to Companies House. As well as running his own businesses, he has headed up the Finance Team for several companies and is a qualified member of the Institute of Credit Management.  If you ask us to provide your financial management requirements, you can be assured of a prompt, accurate and reliable service, with huge potential savings on your costs.

 Financial Management is also about getting the basics right. Do you have an accounting system,  is it computerised, is it manual, via spreadsheet or through a web resource? Is your filing up to date, consistent and  accessible?  The fact is that with relatively little investment, small businesses can prepare meaningful data for  themselves at any point in time. The problems often exist, not in terms of the amount of investment but the  amount of time spent processing your accounting records and moreover the amount of time setting up these  records. We can look at your financial records and quickly determine, the best and most economic way these should  be recorded, given the size and type of your business. We can set up your computer records,we can  provide training and back up resources and we can even source your accounting staff, third party accountants or  provide you with the skills and expertise to carry out the processing of financial records yourselves.

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