CBCS Financial & Credit Management

Like so many things, this is a work in progress and currently the FAQ page is for questions relating to our Credit Control service only. Watch this space for updates.

1) Why do you charge for your letter service, when debt companies are offering 'no win no fee' submissions?

A good question! This is a pre-legal credit collection service. 'No win no fee' services are usually offered as part of a legal package, which is one step further on from this process. We do offer legal services, but this is a credit control service, tailored to prompt fast payment and to preserve your customer base. If you have made the decision to go legal, you have probably already decided that your customer relationship is not as important as receiving payment.

2) Do you offer a legal service?

Yes! But as our stance is collect and keep your customer relationship intact; legal action is a last resort. If it becomes necessary we use the County Court Bulk Centre for processing claims, but only if we have exhausted all other options.

3) Why should we use an external collection service?

There are a whole range of reasons. Fundamentally you probably have a need for cash or your aged debt levels beyond current debt are too high. Your debtors will attach greater priority to a letter from an external resource. Your debt will go to the top of the pile rather than stay at the bottom. 

4) We have a credit control process, but we want to improve it. Can you help?

Of course. We are a credit management consultancy as well as a collection company. Our Principal is a member of the Institute of Credit Management and has over twenty years experience in this field. Just ask and we will look to see how we can help.

5) What is Sales Ledger Management?

We assume responsibility for billing, posting of invoices to your accounting system, payments, setting off, query management, collection and risk assessment. We can even tailor this service to include purchase ledger and cash management too, under our Working Capital Management service.

6) I want to chase an individual rather than a business. Can you help?

CBCS is B2B specialist. We are happy to let others take on the collection of individual consumer debt. It is a separate specialism, with different legislation and collection techniques. 

7) I have other questions, specific to my business. What should I do?

Please feel free to contact us via e-mail: info@cbcservices.org; by phone on 01428 743932 or use our online forms. We will be pleased to discuss your specific requirements with you.