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CBCS (Chris Burton Consultancy Services) is by it's very nature 'me'; although I do engage the services of several tried and tested financial specialists as and when required. We provide support to small and medium sized businesses in their quest to seek working capital and to ensure that they are looking after their finances correctly. So many businesses fail in the first 2 to 3 years of trading and in many cases, their failure is avoidable. 'Cash is King' as they say and without it, your business may quickly fall into trouble.

Franchise Services. We are a specialist provider of audit, support and training services to the franchise industry. We assist Franchisors by providing a Franchise Audit Service, or Franchisors and Franchisees with our Training and Support modules and our Franchisee Financial Review Service.

Financial Management 
Many small businesses cannot afford to directly employ an accountant to look after their finances and often use an external accountant to process their financial records at the end of their financial year. This can be very expensive and in many cases, the managers of the business do not know how their business is really doing until they receive their accounts back from their accountant.

As Small and medium sized companies can file abbreviated accounts at Companies House, there is usually no need for an audit. Your accounts can be prepared directly from your accounting records, saving a considerable number of accounting man hours. At CBCS, we recognise that many small businesses pay too much for year end accounting. Frequently the process is unnecessarily complicated and drawn out over several months as your accountants carry out their checks and analysis. Much of this is not needed.
Why spend a fortune using a large high street accounting firm when we can help you prepare your accounts for much less?    
Chris Burton 

With more than 25 years experience in  accounting /working capital / credit and financial management and a great deal of experience in providing support for all matters financial in the franchise industry... I am supported by a number of key business partners who can call upon experience from all areas of industry.
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