CBCS Financial & Credit Management

CBCS provide
financial,credit & working capital management.
We are also a specialist                                                       
training, support & auditing services to the franchise industry.



New joint venture with D&T to provide their franchisor clients with franchise auditing and support services. See press release

We are now approved suppliers for Franchise Development Services 

Our new fast web based debt collection service

New auditing services to accommodate a wider spectrum of franchisor requirements

Are you a UK Franchisor with international franchisees?Are you concerned they are not disclosing sales and you are missing out on royalties? International Franchise Audit


    FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT. We offer a range of Financial 
     Management, Accounting and Bookkeeping services.We can 
      deliver your accounts quickly and accurately to prescribed deadlines 
      and for a fraction of the price. > Financial Management
       BUSINESS TURNAROUND. If your business is in financial stress and you 
       need to take action to turn the business around. We can help you bring 
       your business back to where it should be, by analysing the business,                              deploying a series of 'turnaround' techniques and helping you to make 
       the tough decisions necessary to help your business survive. 
       > Business Turnaround

Small businesses sometimes need finance to help 
       them grow and in this economic climate; that can be an awkward proposition                Frequently the problem lies with inflexible funding restrictions by the banks; but          also it can be down to how the data is presented to the prospective funder in                the first place. > Business Funding
       FRANCHISE AUDIT  Allows the Franchisor to view the financials of 
       their franchise network, within the constraints of the franchise 
       agreement, without prejudicing the critical relationship between 
       Franchisor and Franchisee. Outsourcing your audit to CBCS,gives 
       consistent and unbiased results, tailored to the specific requirements 
       of the Franchisor Franchise Audit

       Collecting year end and other financial metrics from our network, 
       analysing and benchmarking to identify trends, highlight discrepancies
       and aid your franchisee support.  > Franchise Data
     CREDIT CONTROL Use Prompt Cash to submit your debts for
        collection. Submit your debtor details on-line and we will chase 
        your debt or debtors for you... They pay YOU not CBCS. 
        > Credit Control 

          FRANCHISE TRAINING AND SUPPORT We offer a range 
        of training and support services to help both franchisors and 
        franchisees provide effective financial,cost and working capital 
        management. Please visit the Training & Support tab for further 
        details on our Induction Training,Financial Information Documents
        Support Visits,One to One Financial Training and Classroom Training.
        >Training & Support 
        WORKING CAPITAL MANAGEMENT  Processes which maintain 
        and improve cash-flow;including credit control, supplier payment 
        management and funding. >Working Capital
        COST MANAGEMENT Control of costs, both fixed and
        variable to ensure your business achieves sustainable profit and
        growth> Cost Management


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